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Is there any character in any kind of fiction that is like you? I don't think there are many writers of fiction who don't use their own lives as a template - Philip Roth is a good example.

She is such a nice woman though, I always suppose her American equivalent is Anne Tyler, but with a wider canvas & broader view of family life.

How about Elizabeth Spencer's brand new book out this Holiday Season?

(And in the case of the one I most identify with, Barney Fife, stays as part of your personna.) How about you? Let's hear from you, I think that's a quote from Kingsley Amis, but I can't remember.

Please forgive my ignorance, but your post was so intriguing!

I also read for the stories, and in my particular choice, the spookier the better! Yes it's Eve, & it's 'Warr' - why does everything have to be so difficult?

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  2. Single mothers, particularly in Black communities, have been viewed both as strong heroines who are the backbones of their families as well as vicious destroyers of the traditional family structure.