Dating turn offs

When your identity is found in Christ, you won't have to be someone you're not. It comes across as an act and it doesn't allow for any depth to occur..a real conversation to start. I've met tons of girls who feel like they have to dumb themselves down around a guy. Of course looks can be part of the package, but we’d rather know that you’re interested in who we are and what we like than in what we look like.

We usually look at a guy with a ball cap on and think ‘bald and insecure,’ see the beer in your hand and think ‘alcoholic’ and see the fish and go ‘ewwww!

My friends and I noticed that there is a large number of you guys who like to post a picture of yourself dressed in your wedding garb, with your ex-wife mostly (but not completely) cropped out. My girlfriends and I have come up with a few theories: a) you’re cheating on your significant other and it’s the only place you could think of to take your selfie, b) you completely lack creativity, or c) you think women will only be attracted to you if you look like you have a driver’s license. We don’t dream about that ‘guy’ who’s taking selfies while strapped into his seatbelt.3.

DON’T post a picture of yourself holding the biggest fish you ever caught in one hand, a beer in the other, and a ball cap on your head.

C’mon, guys, we need While we all had a laugh, some of the above-mentioned no-no’s are pretty serious turn-offs for most of us gals.

In all seriousness, if you really want to find a girl online that you could really hit it off with, take some time and put some effort into your profile.

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Spend a few bucks and get dressed up in something decent, have some pictures taken either by friends or a photographer, and be honest in your description (another big turn-off is guys who say they don’t smoke in their profiles and then show up reeking of tobacco).

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