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I feel very harassed by the barrage of rape jokes and misspelled rape jokes that make it past the chat filter on the free online game creators and administrators and rule makers are harassing me; they are taking away the only tools I have for some kind of justice against these disgusting, discriminating creeps that use the game alongside me.My ability to play would be suspended for using the game's reporting features to not face this kind of language. It infuriates me, but I will not put my sanity or physical safety at risk. I go into the BBW room, which has the more tame chatters in it.For the same reasons, a tort suit is simply not worth the effort for most lawyers.I've had to deal with it on my own, which has meant giving up personal writing and never fully participating on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc., for fear that more innocent people I connect with will be punished simply for associating with me. I wrote a review of a cookbook geared toward college students written by an actor.The attacks can be very vicious and vile and almost always result in immediate blocking where social media allows this.But having to read such stuff at first sight is sometimes more than just irritating.Being a "loser" in a discussion many men can't take—and then start taking revenge by heavily slamming back with insults and abuses.

I want to expand my audience, but I hesitate to do so because even if I bring in a few thousand more followers that love my work, I could get the attention of that one person who can make my life a living hell.Over the years, this person has impersonated me, libeled me in every way possible on a slew of blogs dedicated to that purpose, outed and libeled friends and boyfriends, harassed their families, tried to get me fired, and, failing that, attempted to spread the rumor that I'd been fired anyway.The police simply shrugged—they don't understand and don't seem to have the bandwidth to deal with this type of jurisdictionally vague, anonymous harassment (criminal in Massachusetts).I'm a man, after all, no matter what rubbish I allegedly write, and they would not in earnest contest that.So while I'm very accustomed to what the author writes about, her report nevertheless left me in true shock and horror. By the way, I tried twice to get Twitter involved when harassing took really serious, dangerous forms. And even working in print can sometimes be very unsettling when one gets letters of similar nature or even packages that you would rather first hand over to a bomb disposal unit than open it on your own. This year I started a blog where I do a feminist analysis of the British sci-fi show .

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