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My hatred will outrun you yet, if only for a few seconds. Later in Osborne's career, as dramatic success eluded him, and it began to be whispered that he had owed his acclaim to brilliant actors, he wrote two coruscating volumes of autobiography, A Better Class of Person (1981) and Almost A Gentleman (1991).

The books were remarkable both for the vitality of their prose and the viciousness of the hatreds they vented.

In the 1990s the same character was still being driven to peevish apoplexy - but now by the follies of liberalism.

Lesbia Nation: It’s great to get the chance to talk with you. I was on South of Nowhere playing this righteous homophobe. At that time, I was living in this house and one of my best friends had moved in with me. But on South of Nowhere, I was playing a homophobe. MQ: I was reading on the message boards, which you should never do, about my character being a homophobe. LN: The Abbey is like West Hollywood’s gay ground zero. My friend and her girlfriend would coach me on my dating life and I would coach them on theirs.

But the advertisers tend to take a wait and see approach, to see if the hits will continue to be good. LN: It looks like you’re all having a blast on the set? MQ: Nancylee and Paige and I worked together before and I love their brilliant comedic minds.

We’ve got people interested in picking up advertising.

Billed as, “The hottest lesbian comedy NOT on TV,” the little Internet show that could co-stars Jill Bennett, Cathy Shim and co-writer Maile Flanagan. I had done Girltrash with Angela Robinson on the Web. LN: I wanted to ask you a little more about the Dinah this year.

But with wildly inventive guest appearances by the original “Buffy,” Kristy Swanson, as a loopy stalker and The L Word’s Elizabeth Keener as compulsive liar and overly friendly ex-girlfriend, 3Way is already created much buzz and a can’t-get-enough fan base. MQ: Last year we knew that South of Nowhere wasn’t coming back. I had this idea of a straight woman living with two lesbians, which was loosely based on my life in some capacity. You said you were shooting the finale there but did you get to play all? But no, we did go to the White Diamonds party on Friday night.

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AE: If someone gave you a million dollars right now to make a film, what kind of film would you make?

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