Quotes on validating others

By way of example, a person, such as, President Obama may be an author of a quote.

Further by way of example, the United Nations, which is an organization, may be an author of a quote.

Kennedy There is a wide range of information that people search for on the Web, and I noticed a recently granted Google patent that focused upon finding and displaying quotes from famous people and celebrities and others about specific subjects.

One of the interesting things about this patent was how it decided upon scores for quotes which determined how quote results would be displayed.

An audio statement may be associated with a speaker identified as making that statement.

Consistent with certain embodiments, systems and methods are provided for identifying one or more subject entities associated with the query and for identifying, from a database or from search results obtained in response to the query, a set of quotes corresponding to the one or more subject entities.Quotes may also include a paragraph or collection of sentences or phrases.An author may include a person, group, or an organization.A quote may be associated with a particular URL or another identifier which may specify a “web page, a document, an image, or other resources.” Identifying a quote may involve scrutinizing textual content in a content item, such as looking for the word “said” that could precede a quote, such as “President Obama said,” which might be followed by a phrase or a sentence that is in quotation marks.The patent also tells us there that “the presence of quotation marks may be used to identify one or more quotes in the content item.” In addition to quotation marks, other symbols may be used to identify quotes, for example, “quotes may appear in the content item as an author of the quote followed by a punctuation mark, such as, a colon, followed by the word, phrase or sentence that may be identified as a quote.” The author of a book may be associated with a quote taken from a book.

Search for quotes on validating others:

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With a search for a quote, it seems like Google may try to find an entity that is being quoted, and an entity that is the subject matter of a quote.

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