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The series is now complete, and along with the Salute to the Few Series brings our tally to a hundred Battle of Britain airmen incorporating both 'top scorers' and less famous airmen along the way - and a small tribute to those who took part in this famous air battle during the Summer of 1940 which inflicted the first defeat to the fearsome Luftwaffe.

Probably the most famous allied airman we could find, and also the top British scorer of World War II with 38 victories.

Apparently the photograph caused quite a stir among the girls in the office, so an obvious choice !

Highly regarded, probably throughout the world, as an exceptional night-fighter pilot, which led to his nickname of Cats Eyes Cunningham.

Shortly afterwards he joined No 242 Squadron for the remainder of the Battle of Britain.

In November he was posted to No 615 Squadron before he trained as an instructor at Cranwell.

This photograph was taken just after the Battle of Britain when Dennis had just been awarded the Bar to his DFC and held the rank of Flying Officer.

Probably most known for his Test Pilot years, although his victories over V-1 flying bombs, trains and aircraft are quite remarkable and stories breathtaking.

Our only regret is that we our unable to gain the support of all those great airmen who had made their last sortie before and since we started this series.

Having learnt to fly at the age of 16 Brothers joined the RAF in 1936 and joined No 32 squadron the same year.

He was still with No 32 Squadron at the time of the Battle of Britain and he scored numerous victories flying out of Biggin Hill in Hurricanes.

Unfortunately time was never in sufficient quantity to pursue the idea, until 1998.

Having started the idea was quickly off the ground and initial responses from the pilots were most encouraging, with some of the leading pilots helping us with the project customers soon took notice and the project became a success.

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