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Typically, malware and spyware get onto your computer by visiting dodgy websites, clicking on strange links in emails, or a whole host of other ways.

Depending on your installation settings (see below), Spy Bot keeps things simple.

According to Safer Networking, no satisfactory explanation was provided to them for this decision.

Antivirus professional Mary Landesman suggests a possible explanation may stem from a graphical glitch in Tea Timer module's confirmation dialog.

It can scan your entire computer or individual files, quarantine nasty files, and provide reports and logs of your scans.

For more options, premium versions of Spy Bot are available for purchase.

Although PC Magazine initially rated it highly in 2003, their rating declined to "poor" in 2008 and "dismal" in 2012, improving to "fair" in 2014: There are several malicious programs designed to look like Spybot-S&D (and other anti-malware software), with similar user interfaces and program file names. This program is a known rogue antispyware program, which fraudulently uses the "search and destroy" logo and a name similar to Spybot to persuade users into downloading it under the impression that it is Spybot Search & Destroy. It was reported in 2009 that several commercial security products required users to uninstall Spybot when they are being installed or run, due to stated incompatibility with memory-resident "immunizer" Teatimer.

But even if you don't see anything, you may be infected, because more and more spyware is emerging that is silently tracking your surfing behaviour to create a marketing profile of you that will be sold to advertisement companies.

Although Spy Bot Search & Destroy is a powerful piece of anti-spyware software, it may be better to see it as part of your security solution.

For example, team this up with Ad-Aware SE and your computer will stand a much better chance against the different types of spyware and malware out there.

When you install Spy Bot Search & Destroy, you are immediately given the choice to update, which is all important when dealing with the various forms of spyware that you want to be protected from.

Updating can take a while, but it's definitely worth the wait.

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