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Because it's time for a personal ride in our own stretch limousine!

Georg Festrunk: And we'll all night -- we'll spend the night next to your BIG American breasts! I'm talkin' 'bout:" Singer #2: "Hewey.." Singer #1: "AND!

Bachelor #1: Uhhh -- well, I guess we would start out with cocktails at the peninsula, and then we would get naughty and skip right to dessert...

Listen: [ sexy music plays ] "First thing we'd do, is take you shopping." Singer #2: "Oo-oo-ooh, down at the mall." Singer #1: "Then lay you down slow and do you right." Singer #2: "Both of us railin' on your BUTT! " Dirk Ellington: Sooooo, to recap: They would take you to the mall...

brought back beloved characters, former cast members, and some of our favorite gags. doing his best Elton John impression, singing about the wacky exploits of Hugo Chávez, made us wish the singer’s link to an Elton John biopic were a reality. You get to inevitably let everyone down thanks to overly high expectations — thanks, Internet!

Dirk Ellington: Alright, let's meet tonight's bachelors! They're brothers originally from Czechoslavakia; Please welcome Bachelors #3!

[ he chuckles nervously ] And then, after that, we would just take a stroll in the moonlight.

(Bonus points via JT’s feminist pornographer dropping references, too.) What did you think of Timberlake’s fifth time as host?

12p: Justin Timberlake It's a Date Dirk Ellington.....

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Timberlake also worked his multihyphentate butt off: Single-handedly taking charge of a pretty amusing Elton John-at-Hugo-Chavez’s-funeral cold open (whereas most hosts don’t appear till the opening monologue); riffing during said monologue with A-listers including Steve Martin, Martin Short, Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks, Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd and Candice Bergen; and even pulling double duty as musical guest. And the good news is, the hard work paid off: Sure, the episode had a few serious clunkers, but the laughter-to-groans ratio was more than acceptable (and even brought us the return of Martin and Aykroyd’s Festrunk Brothers, and Timberlake and Andy Samberg’s “Dick in a Box” singers, all in one skit). BEST: Moet & Chandon Ad Vanessa Bayer and Cecily Strong brought back what could be a one-joke concept — former porn stars doing ad testimonials to score free product — and once again elevated it to pure hilarity with their slurry line readings and increasingly absurdist details.

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