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On the plus side, items that you find in some vintage clothing shops in London are likely to be unique, there won’t be more than one of them in the shop, and they can certainly help to make you stand out from the crowd, one of the key aims of the vintage look.

Generally speaking, the latter half of the 20th century tends to go better with a contemporary wardrobe, though clothes from earlier in the century, especially smarter styles, are undergoing a surge in popularity as well at the moment, and can also prove versatile additions to your wardrobe.There are some vintage items that tend to be more synonymous with a certain decade than others.Dirty denim jeans with a white T-shirt and a leather jacket are a famous look, one inspired by the rebels of yesteryear- Dean and Brando.The rise in popularity of shows like Vintage footwear can often be the most difficult aspect to get right.Certain items, like a pair of worn Converse, are a fail safe here and will compliment a more casual vintage look, but for those going down the smarter route, a pair of winkle pickers may be favourable, these are particularly popular among those aiming to achieve the mod look from the 1970’s.

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