Updating dataenvironment commands

What did Microsoft leave out of the first release of Project Hooks?Hi, I've just started work as a data processor and we're using VFP. Passing parameters optionally Date and time functions Elapsed time Date in words Calculating Age What date is the second Tuesday in October of ?

Conflict resolution sounds fine in theory, how does it work in practice? Row buffering and commands that move the record pointer Visual Fox Pro views What exactly is a view? Overview A word on creating the selector object How the selector class is constructed Using the selector class How can I manage paths in a form's dataenvironment? How do I find out if a specific application is running? How do you manage Servers from the Project Manager? How to set the executable version information What are the advantages of including the in the project? How to reduce screen real estate taken by the Project Manager How to tear off tabs from the Project Manager What problems exist when opening a database in the project?

The data path manager class The path management table The path management class Using the data path manager How can I manage forms and toolbars in my application? How can I set focus to the first control in the tab order? How do I change the mouse pointer while a process is running? How do I get the values for Windows color settings? Using the DECLARE command What happens when building an executable? Project dragging and dropping tricks What happens when dragging from one project to another?

The managed form class The managed toolbar class The form manager class Using the form manager How can I track and handle errors? How can I simulate the Command Window in my executable? Miscellaneous items What is the event sequence when a form is instantiated or destroyed? How can I create a 'global' property for my application? Windows API Calls How do I find the file associated with a file type? How to use the project options to your advantage How do you use a project's Debug Info setting? How do I drag objects from a project to a designer?

Classifying Visual Fox Pro's errors Logging errors How can I simplify getting messages to my users? Wrappers for common Visual Fox Pro functions Presentation classes Postal code lookup class Generic log-in form The lookup text box class Conclusion Form/class library editor Using the SCX/VCX editor Form Inspector The table information page The form information page The object list page Construction of the inspection form Our industrial strength grid builder Resizing grid columns properly Renaming columns and their controls appropriately The Custom Controls page of the grid builder Adding method code to grid columns Class cataloger What VCXList does A wrapper for 'modify class' A form/class library documentation utility - a class browser add-in A kinder finder Conclusion Using the Visual Fox Pro debugger Features of the debugger windows Configuring the debugger Setting breakpoints Useful breakpoint expressions Writing code for ease of debugging and maintenance Working with datasessions How do I share datasessions between forms? How can I open a file using Windows file associations? What happens when dragging from project to program code?

The standard message table The message handling class Using the message handler Conclusion How do I make forms fill the screen regardless of screen resolution? What happens when dragging from Class Browser or Component Gallery to a project?

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