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**Please note the the actual firmware update requirements bear little relationship to the firmware instructions in either the online manual or the yellow insert** I'll detail what you actually need to do to update the firmware below.Also, please note that I've had this receiver up and running for only a couple of days.Onkyo has a wide range of high-quality Audio Systems for Home Theater and Audio, Home Network Systems, Speaker Solutions with Dolby-Atmos technology and related items.Amber Technology is the authorised Australian dealer of Onkyo, instore and online.This is my first "serious" receiver after having used a DVD HTi B for several years now.I've been researching receivers for several years now and was floored to have gotten this model for well under 0 given its feature set.I also pointed out that I thought I was purchasing a quality product from a trusted manufacturer and was hoping that they would just make the repair and keep me a happy customer in spite that this receiver had 2 major issues in such a short period of time... Said they would take the unit back and for 1 (plus shipping for both receivers) would send me a refurbished unit. Guess I'll go back to Yamaha, at least they build a better product !!(Looked on Amazon and could buy a comparable Yamaha for less $$$).. This is my first "serious" receiver after having used a DVD HTi B for several years now.

Tired of this, I tried to find another way to get the problem solved. Don’t switch off the power supply during firmware update. In case of this error code, please contact Onkyo customerservice. Situation 3: please remove the power connector and put it back and try again. To the Onkyo support team, I have the following recommendations. Please allow customers to put postings on your website. Your customers are much better aware of the problems they encounter than you do. Please respond to easy support questions within one, maximum 2 days.

This is not a minimum resolution; it's the only acceptable resolution.

I know this seems counterintuitive, but it's the reality.

My Wii had been set to 480p and until I changed it, I got sound through the Onkyo but no video.

Once fixed, the upscaling worked great when the "Main Out" was set to 1080p. I suspect that this is because the latter specification is unique to blu-ray movies.

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