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Instead of thinking negatively about yourself – it’s time for some positive self-evaluation.Get into the habit of thinking of the pros rather than the cons and make a list of all the positive things happening in your life to give yourself a confidence boost.Whenever you’re feeling down, just picture a positive past situation or something that makes you happy. You might not have even noticed that your body language is revealing your nervousness.Tip 5: Mirror check This might sound a little silly to you, but if you usually avoid the mirror, then looking at yourself could reveal a lot about how other people see you. Practise standing confidently and greeting people with a smile (nobody is watching if you’re just at home in front of the mirror…) DURING THE DATE Tip 6: Avoid the limp lettuce handshake You’ve scored yourself a date and it’s time to meet at last.Who knows, you might even meet Miss Right at one of these gatherings?Tip 4: Make a list of your positive qualities You may have been single for a while, but don’t let this get you down.Women love to feel desirable and appreciate it when you notice the effort they’ve made to look good for the date.Just be careful when you’re nervous and thinking off the cuff and don’t say the first thing that comes into your head like: “Oh I’ve always loved that perfume!

There’s no need to change your look drastically though, after all if you’ve met online, you’ve probably exchanged photos anyway.

If the conversation isn’t flowing, you can pop to the Gents and quickly check the emergency cheat sheet in the notes on your phone.

Don’t start looking at your phone when you’re with your date though as she might just think you’re being rude and texting someone else!

For example, when it comes to ordering off the menu, if you say: “I’ll have whatever you’re having”, and she responds: “well I’ll have what you’re having…” you could be talking about it all night!

If she’s very shy too, take the initiative and order two different dishes and say: “if you don’t like yours, we can swap.” Tip 8: Compliment her There’s nothing that breaks the ice quite like a lovely compliment – so when you see your date, think of something nice to say about her image (whether that’s her hairstyle or her clothing choice for example).

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